Message from our President
I want to extend warm greetings from Stawa University to everyone. First, if you do not already know what the word STAWA stands for, let me give it to you. The word Stawa is an acronym for Study, Teach And Work Abroad. As you browse our website you will be introduced to the innovative vision of our university, most of which is to present to students, both local and those who come to study at our university from afar, an education... [ read more ]



Living Facilities

The university runs a series of hostels for both girls and boys.  The hostels are well organizes and managed in order to ensure that students live in a conducive environment for learning.  We offer students comfortable beds, a nice living area, study areas on the premises, electrical hookups, wireless internet, spacious rooms, among others.



The university encourages two ways through which students can maintain a good ballance diet and sumptious meals.  One approach is where students pay hostel fees and also feeding fees.  This allows the students to not worry about preparing meals by self.  According this arrangements, breakfast, lunch and supper are provided.  The second approach is when a student elects to eat outside all the time.  We discourage cooking nonkitchen areas, therefore, we strongly enocurage student let the school provide them with meals, although we leave the doors open for self catering in this regard.  Our students are happy with the arrangements.