Message from our President
I want to extend warm greetings from Stawa University to everyone. First, if you do not already know what the word STAWA stands for, let me give it to you. The word Stawa is an acronym for Study, Teach And Work Abroad. As you browse our website you will be introduced to the innovative vision of our university, most of which is to present to students, both local and those who come to study at our university from afar, an education... [ read more ]

Study Abroad Programme (Exchange Program)

Favorite Destination for Study Abroad Participants from all over the World

Stawa University is a premier study abroad program destination for schools and student in the US, Canada, Europe and other countries that encourage study abroad programs.  We welcome students from abroad in our classrooms, labs, and field activities.  Given our partnership with US, Canadian and European professors, we therefore mantain an edge on conducting these programs for all incoming foreign students.  Because of this partnership, student don’t have difficulties transfering the credits they earn to their home institutions for graduation. And we work with the sending institutions to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

The universities arranges all accommodations, transportation, meals, and classroom time for all visiting students.  All accommodations and services offered are all first class, something that eliminates homesickness and or illnesses in our visiting students and their accompanying teachers.  All these arrangements are reasonably priced in order to enable more students to study here.  Through our department of hotel and tourism, we organize meaningful excursions for our visiting students and their supervisors.  These excursions can be safaris, visit to neighboring countries, or simple trips to the many tourist destinations in East Africa.

Stawa University is the only university in East Africa with a full time local Director, replete with an office and staff, for this program.

Stawa University also encourages its students to take advantage of the study abroad network we have with schools in north America, Europe and elsewhere.  Via this, Stawa University students have a constant opportunity travel to foreign countries to study certain skills and to acquire experiences not available locally.  Likewise, our faculty members are encouraged to network with foreign schools and scholars so as to foster networks for research and other experiences, such as teaching in foreign countries, just to mention one.