Message from our President
I want to extend warm greetings from Stawa University to everyone. First, if you do not already know what the word STAWA stands for, let me give it to you. The word Stawa is an acronym for Study, Teach And Work Abroad. As you browse our website you will be introduced to the innovative vision of our university, most of which is to present to students, both local and those who come to study at our university from afar, an education... [ read more ]

About Us

What sets Stawa University apart from other universities and institutions in East Africa is our emphasis that students get a clearly internationally acceptable and utilizable education. Because of globalization and a global community that is now kneaded together, thanks to the internet and easy world travel, it is imperative that the quality of education that students get at Stawa University be on par with the education students get in developed countries. Therefore, our goal is that after getting a Stawa University education, our students must be employable not only by any business in East Africa but also in any country in the world, be it north America, Europe or any other developed or developing country.

Stawa University’s core academics are, to a large degree, directed by professors from notable universities like Harvard University, Cornell university, the London school of hygiene, just to mention a few, who come and teach course, both in person and online, depending on their availability and a given set of circumstances. Those who give short courses online are able to complete teaching those courses online, among other effective methods. These professors do grade the students of Stawa at the end of each course. Occasionally, under strict supervision by the foreign professor, these visiting professors form a partnership with local lecturers and professors, and thereby collaborate in teaching a given course that calls for such arrangement.

Additionally Stawa University utilizes the presence of faculty members mainly from the US, Canada, and Europe to ensure that students on a study abroad program get thorough, world class supervision while at Stawa University and, if need be, at other area institutions, which network with Stawa University to provide broader opportunity for visiting students and faculty members on research leave.

Teach and Tour Sojourners, TATS, has been a source through which Stawa University has been able to locate Department Heads and Chairs for a good number of our offered courses. Many of these crucial positions have been filled by academics from North America and Europe, thanks to TATS. This has been an indispensable gift to Stawa University from Teach and Tour Sojourners.

Tours of Purpose, TOP, has also provide foreign faculty to Stawa Univesity to Teach courses in Business and other crucial areas.